RC Jones
June 1963 - September 1966
US Army
1967 - June 1984
1965 1965 - 1966 1966 1966
Da Nang, Vietnam Chu Lai, Vietnam Okinawa. Buena Park - Washington DC.


Buena Park, California - Trip to Camp Lejeune

These are some pictures after I came home in 1966 and before I went to Camp Lejeune to finish up my stint in the Marines. The Cadillac was my fathers, have no idea who is driving the mustang.
Looking down Franklin Street, my playground for many years. My parents living room. My Nancy Wilson album on the floor.
Above is my father watering the yard. Left is Tommy Allen, younger brother of John Allen who was in the same grade as I was. Their house was across the street from us shown in the picture above Tommy.
The photos below are my taken during my trip to Camp Lejeune. I flew to Macon, Georgia and spend sometime with a family that my parents knew when they lived in California. I think their name was Dollarhide. The sons name might have been Rocky, but I just can not remember. Their son was about my age and we played together when the parents were visiting. They had two airplanes and asked if I wanted to fly up to North Carolina in one of them. So Rocky and I first went to Washington DC then back the Raleigh-Durham airport.

During the flight they did call us and tell us not to fly so close to the Washington Monument. Not sure anyone can get this close to the pentagon any more.

We flew into the Washington Airport now called Ronald Regan. Leaving we saw gas pouring out of the wing and had to make a U-turn and land to have it check. They just overfilled the tanks so we took off and headed to North Carolina.

  Final stop for me.
This is a beautiful building. the ceiling (right) is wonderful and worth a trip to DC just to see it.