RC Jones
June 1963 - September 1966
US Army
1967 - June 1984
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1965 - 1966

Chu Lai, Vietnam

Well on this page I remember a little more about some of the photos and what was going on. I was only in Da Nang for a few weeks, maybe a couple of months or so, so what was there did not sink in as much as Chu Lai did.

I do know that I was there for the battle of Chu Lai. on August 18, 1965, Operation Starlite. It was a pretty big deal at that time.

In the top photos was about what it looked like when we first set up in Chu Lai. We were directly across from the air strip and used some of their extra things to build us a home.

Below we are taking rocket pods that the jets used to build walls around our site. We poured sand in the middle to make them stable.
This is Ed below, can not remember his last name. After we got back to the US and went to Camp Lejeune I rode in his MGB on a long trip that was very uncomfortable. That is one tiny sports car, and Ed was over 6 foot tall.
Two of the guys I liked the most and always had the best time with was J.R. Kreucher and David R Whitehead. Dave was from Illinois. He and J.R. would go round and round as they always had opposing ideas. The photo below is after another battle, the one on the right is them agreeing that they are really friends.
Below is Ken Powell "Hutto" because he was from Hutto, Texas. Became good friends with him and spent some time with him after we both got discharged from the Marines.  
After I scanned the next two in, and after I took a look at them I just cracked up. John on the left asked me to take this picture so that he could send some home to show him in action... He then had to take one of me also. Big John Svette was a great guy, not sure where he was from. Minnesota maybe. He was a great carpenter.
Hard to see in the photo below, but L-R, John, Lindsay and Ed  
This photo of me was my favorite one for a long time. Roberts was from just outside of Orlando and was always happy. I moved to Orlando after getting discharged for a few months and he and his family helped me get settled.
  Below L-R Big John, Roberts, Cruz
Below in foreground is Stoner, behind is Goodwin. Stoner was a country boy from the south somewhere. Big John and Stoner did most of the construction.  
The two shots below show how we hard-backed a tent. Without this hardback living in these tents were basically miserable. They put in bunk beds and with an air mattress they were pretty comfortable. Toasty in the summer, wet and cool in the winter, perfect. All the wooden things you see in these shots were built by us. Well not me I was useless with that stuff. I could fill sandbags and rocket pods with the best of them though...
J.R. love the rays... Big John with the modern and high tech tape recorder. This is what we used to send messages to home and back. John loved doing this. Note the Lucky Strikes...
We went over to the air strip to get all of our rocket pods.
This was the headquarters for 3rd Battalion 12th Marines
On my slides this is labeled "The Club"
Local Villagers Local Villagers

After a few months in country I found out that my high school buddy John Cross was in country and close by on top of that. One day I wandered around the SP155 area and found him. this his 155 that he was in charge of. Can not believe that I did not take a picture of him. Or maybe that one is lost with some of the others.

I grew up with John as he lived down the street. We went to elementary and high school together. Unfortunately after getting back together with him in 1978/79, he was killed in a traffic accident (riding his motorcycle) on the Santa Ana Freeway (I5) near Anaheim.

John was the one who talked me into joining the Marines while we were in high school. We went to boot camp together but got separated after training.