RC Jones
June 1963 - September 1966
US Army
1967 - June 1984
1965 1965 - 1966 1966 1966
Da Nang, Vietnam Chu Lai, Vietnam Okinawa. Buena Park - Washington DC.


Da Nang, Vietnam

Above was our beloved Counter Mortar Radar set. It was really useless in Vietnam as the bad guys did not have mortars or artillery that the system could track. I just wonder how much damage it did to my body when I was standing in front of the high power RF. Please note the sand bags. Because we were on small hill outside of Da Nang, the radar did not have any natural feedback. Silly to be on a hill. At least they gave us 2 cans of beer every day, and cigarettes were a dollar a carton...


This was a typical day for us. Staring at the screen, waiting, waiting, waiting.


I sure look excited...


The photos above and below are with myself, and J.R. Kreucher and with J.O. Wilson are in the top right photo. Wilson was from Oregon, just outside of Portland. (J.R. Kreucher is Jerry R) and J.O.Wilson is Jeffery Orville)

J.R. and I did not live that far apart growing up, him in La Mirada and me in Buena Park, but of course we never met until we were at MCRD in 1963. We went through boot camp together, then advanced training and ended up in the same unit at Camp Pendleton. One thing I remember while in the Da Nang area, was that they had the largest and scariest bug that living under the wooden floors we had.

J.R. found this dog and adopted it while we were in Da Nang. I have no recollection of what happened to the dog when we moved to Chu Lai.

While working on these photos, seeing the looks on my friend faces brought a grim reminder to me of how miserable it was over there.

Below is a rare smile. I think I was teasing J.R. about the mutt. And the photo of the chair, well it was what it was...
The photos above and below are just some general shots of where we were in Da Nang. I think the guy on the right was a French soldier. No idea of who is in the left photo.


In the street photos below, I really can not remember if they were taken in Da Nang or Chu Lai. They are taken while riding in a truck.

The one of the bank at the bottom was most likely Da Nang.

I did get to go to Saigon for a vacation during this time, but I have not seen any photos from that trip.