RC Jones
United States Marine Corps
June 25, 1963 - October 5, 1966
United States Army
May 22, 1967 - June 30, 1984

In the pages below, I have uploaded some of my photos from 1965 and 1966. These are from my days in the US Marine Corps.

I joined the Marines June 1963 and was discharged in 1966. I served with all three Divisions that the Marines had at that time. 1st Marine Division at Camp Pendleton, California. 2nd Marine Division at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina and the 3nd Marine Division in Okinawa, although not in that order.

There are no special pictures, no action shots, just general pictures that I took. I do not have all of the photos that I took back then, these are just the ones that I can find. The information I write here and the photos I have posted are just to help my children get an idea of who I was and what I did long before they were born.

At one time I wished to be a writer but after fumbling around for a few years trying to write speedway racing reports I finally realized that it is just not to be. So this attempt with this project should prove interesting as I try to figure what to put in and what to leave out. As a technical type of person, I tend to just use the facts and leave the B.S. out, so maybe this time I will go a little farther…

In early 1965 I actually volunteered to do a tour in Okinawa. In those days Marines would spend 13 months in Okinawa then rotate back to the United States. Somewhere along the way, the Vietnam war became larger and things changed. When I arrived in Okinawa, our Radar Unit assigned to the Artillery Regiment was sending guys to Vietnam for a 3 month tour then back to Okinawa. During this time, I had the privilege to being one of the first to be assigned to Vietnam for a full tour...

1963 RC Jones 1963 MCRD
Yes! I still have my MCRD Yearbook and proud of it. I also still have my Buena Park High School 1963 Yearbook and refer to it off and on.
1965 1965 - 1966 1966 1966
Da Nang, Vietnam Chu Lai, Vietnam Okinawa. Buena Park - Washington DC.
23 September 1963

In 1963 I went to boot camp at MCRD San Diego California. After graduation, members of Platoon 144 went to Camp Pendleton California to finish their training.

Platoon 144 was made up of guys from the Los Angeles area. There was another platoon at the same time from the San Francisco area. In our boot camp training we kicked their ass in every category, also setting many boot camp records. I ran into my drill sergeant (Sgt. Solomon) when I was stationed in Sacramento, California, and even 10 years later I was afraid to talk to him... After overcoming my nervousness I introduced myself and after he reminded me that I was still a maggot we had a nice chat. He was now a Sergeant Major in the Marines could still remember platoon 144.

Above is a photo from "United States Marine Corps "O" Company 2nd Battalion 2nd Infantry Training Regiment, Camp Pendleton, California 23 September 1963." A lot of the men in this photo, although we were really just boys at 17 and 18 years of age, went to Vietnam. Some never returned. (MCRD - Marine Corps Recruit Depot)

While stationed at Camp Pendleton, I actually saved up enough money to buy this wonderful Triumph TR3. I was making around $88 a month so it was tough to do. I really had a great time with this car. I did not own it long because I volunteered to spend a tour in Okinawa and left just before this photo was taken in May 1965. My father got tired of it sitting in front of the house and gave it to the trash guys... Hope they had fun with it.
The Triumph TR3 was built between 1955 and 1957. I do not remember what the year of mine was.